Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Photo Chat

Feeling at loose ends for the moment so I'm going to try something silly. I'm going to randomly choose a photo from my collection & chat about it a bit. Wow, aren't I the wild & crazy woman tonight?! Ha! Whatever.....

Ok, this was taken 3 months ago at Christmas, obviously. I am in the middle with the very real look of terror on my face. You can also see my sisters hand which reveals that she too is freaking out a little. And why wouldn't we? Our mom has just opened a very sharp & mean looking garden knife & is waving it around with delight as she talks about how shiny it is & how much she has been needing it.
The back story to this picture of fear & delight is that my mom has a family tradition of accidentally cutting herself over the holidays. One year my husband even had to take her to the emergency room for stitches early on Christmas morning as she was preparing the meal. She did not want to wake Dad cause she knew he'd be bugged that she "did it again!". If it did not happen during meal prep it was while she cut candles to the right size, or trimmed greenery for the mantle.
Speaking of greenery, we also had an exciting morning one year as the dry greenery on the mantle caught fire while we were in the next room opening gifts! "Do you smell smoke? Just candles, don't worry. Oh dear, it's a fire!" Our family gatherings are seldom boring!
Well that was fun!


  1. Love this idea of grabbing a pic and writing about it! I may just have to steal that idea. ;) I have this insane photo of a tanked hippo I've been wanting to use on my blog. Hmm, now what to write...

    I can really sympathize with your mother, as I am accident-prone myself. My last mishap occurred when I walked thru a plate glass window. Praise God, in all that broken glass, I only got a small cut on my finger.

  2. Wow, a glass window?? Ouch! The pic cracks me up because I had no idea how truly horrified I was until I saw it, & then to see my sisters hand there too just makes it even better! Thanks for commenting Lydia.


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